Why Choose Us?

Our heavyweight industry achievements ...

We understand the word commercial and another word called profit which is not dirty one.

Our thinking is different, we have real profile, deep and detailed CV's, client resumé, experience, skills, knowledge and insight.

Each week we are probably in another Food and Beverage business, understanding, assisting and supporting.

We don't create dramas or make out that the industry is complicated

We are human, we cut the bull and become team players with your existing team.  We will tell you what is wrong and suggest how to fix it. We won't send you a junior, replacement or fob you off. We are open, clear, concise, to the point and really great communicators.

Blue Chip, international or local neighbourhood?

We ended up in Consultancy due to sheer demand for our services from clients. Importantly NOT because we were washed up, finished or failed in the Industry, we enjoy feet on the ground.

We don't do boring or have briefcases!

A Snapshot of Case Studies

for what our solutions were and how we drove change and enabled the various clients to proposer .... please give us a call

Catering Sectors Where We Excel ...

Restaurants - Casual Dining - Café - Fast Food - Pubs


Hotels - Resorts - Independents - Brands


Stadia - Events - Venues


Arts & Culture


Theme Parks - Amusements -Entertainment


Food Service - Healthcare - Education


A Brief Overview of Our Work in Stadia ...

Manchester City Football Club


For twenty years 1999 - 2019 we were strategically involved with City Football Group - Academy - Etihad - First Team - New York City Football Club. Designs, layouts, kitchen areas, concepts restaurants - overall shaping catering content and hospitality   

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club


We assisted Tottenham Hotspur as Catering Consultants with the Catering tender contract prior to the new Stadium opening. Spurs were looking for a third party contract caterer.

Watford Football Club


Substantial, extensive new fit out of both Hospitality and Kiosk areas including new Restaurants, Kitchens and Central Production Kitchen

Crystal Palace Football Club


Our Consultancy worked on a key project for Crystal Palace in 2019 to great effect.

Real Madrid CF Spain


In-depth review of Catering facilities at the Bernabeu Stadium.  Also future view of proposed rebuild of the venue over the next five years. 

Fulham Football Club


New Riverside stand development including layouts, drawings and specification of kitchen areas 

Our Work is Diverse & Extensive within Catering ...


Theatres, Museums & Art Galleries

Commissioned  by the Arts Council to look into Food & Beverage in the Arts and Culture. Our experience includes Birmingham Hippodrome; Urbis Manchester; Octagon Theatre, Bolton; Manchester Art Gallery; Rochdale; Bradford; Edinburgh Festival Theatre; Oldham; Yorkshire Playhouse; Blackpool Grand and more etc.


Ultimate Theme Park Attractions

We worked for the UK's most visited Zoo plus luxury Resort Village and Theme Park at Flamingo Land; Blackpool Pleasure Beach; Granada Theme Parks and a few others etc. We are experienced in fast food and have detailed knowledge of this sector.  


Our Consultancy is assisting restaurants in establishing focus upon profit yields .... without engineering out the essential quality!

Branded restaurants or independents in the Middle East, Spain, Channel Islands UK etc. From city centres and towns to location destinations, be it casual dining to franchise either Rosette and Michelin star rated* (where we learnt part of our trade) we enjoy it all.

Recent News ...

Restaurant Solia opened in Grand Avenues, Kuwait, Middle East - August 2018

Fresh authentic Mediterranean style concept 120 seater within Grand Avenues Mall, Kuwait - favoured in the summer 

Restaurant Solia opened in Murouj, Kuwait, Middle East - January 2019

Favoured in the cooler months this restaurant is enjoyed in the winter months as it enjoys external areas.

New news

John has been engaged as Business Strategist for our new client F3 who are Stadia Caterers at Etihad and also Watford FC and their parent company cater for McLaren F1, the Open, Goodwood and Lords. 

John Benson-Smith's profile ...

A bit of background

Former BBC MasterChef judge, John ran around kitchens from the age of sixteen as Apprentice Chef to learn his trade. His learnings have taken him from Yorkshire to London, Brighton, Stratford Upon Avon, Manchester, France, Spain, Greece, Italy and the Channel Islands to include but a few.  He has enjoyed City Centre Hotels, Five Star, Restaurants, Bistros, Cafés, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Contract Catering, Directors Dining etc.

After driving the Black Swan at Helmsley on to the map (his first Head Chef job after Callow Hall in Derbyshire) he enjoyed time in the South of France at a three star Michelin Restaurant in La Napoule near Cannes with Chef Louis Outhier (who had held three stars for 25 years).

This previous Chef of the Year arrived in Manchester in 1992 joining the V&A Hotel owned by Granada TV quickly named as "SuperChef" in the City. This was where he carved out a reputation for great food (allowing the industry doubters who were cynical of attempting to enter cities with Restaurants, the way in).  His non-food mentors were Granada TV Business gurus Gerry Robinson and Charles Allen. This elected Master Chef of Great Britain appeared frequently on TV, Radio, Magazines, shows and as a recipe author on a regular basis.

John was one of the first chefs to enjoy sponsorship and he entered years of demonstrating at the BBC Good Food Show, Ideal Homes Show, Restaurant Show and more.  He had his own industry newspaper column for 13 years called "Benson Bites Back", he also ran his own Cookery School for over nine years. He took the decision to move away from the crowded, gimmicky "Celebrity Chef" world to reputation for a strong business commercial approach.

He was the Original Flavour Designer to Walkers Sensations Crisps, Product Developer for Nestle Chocolate and was invited to look at NHS Hospital Food with Loyd Grossman and the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He visited 48 Hospitals in the UK as he battled with officialdom to improve NHS food standards.

John started the revolution within Stadia when he was "signed up" as Consultant Chef to Manchester City Football Club new ground in 1999, who have been one of his clients up until June 2019, latterly enjoying a collaboration with Marco Pierre White, long term business relationship with Garry Cook and also Alistair Mackintosh.

1996 took him back over the Pennines to Yorkshire to develop the former Monastery Hazlewood Castle which was in a complete state of disrepair and needed a road building, new roof, mains water, mains gas and electricity, and then working out where it was to sit in the market in terms of its' profile, market etc?

We could go on ....


Why Consultancy?

"I felt like I had achieved in my own industry (after 30 + years) with track record and profile. 

Few Consultants can boast this, most just want out for an easy life having not really made it in Catering".

John was approached 15 or so years ago on a consistent basis by a number of individuals, companies and businesses with requests for him to assist and advise them in their food / catering businesses.

This included product endorsement, research and development, a number of big refurbishments, many new openings and lots of Restaurants who needed an external set of "tough" eyes to focus on their products, people, profit and profile.

JBS who paints it all as he sees it, had a strong eye for commercials and was legendary for his forensically investigational approach to  Catering businesses.

His initial clients were impressed, and he was then engaged by Arts Council, GNER trains, Nestle, BMW/Mercedes, Eurest, Compass, Pubs, MCFC, Bistros, Food Manufacturers, Restaurants , Hotels, Cafes, Medirest etc., we can go on.

Profile of our Managing Director ...


Ally Benson-Smith

Ally has enjoyed over twenty plus years experience in Hotels, Restaurants,Theatres and Leisure with her excellent front of house customer service training also working with World Class Service.

She was Compere and Host Presenter for national Food shows and Food Festivals which included TV Celebrities such as James Martin, Gino D'Acampo and the Hairy Bikers. Ally was also an in-store Demonstrator for M&S as opposed to the traditional male TV Chefs!

Ally consulted for eleven years with Manchester City Football Club, leading over hundred hosts and hostesses in award-winning Hospitality. Ally also works in the Middle East driving staff customer training in the Restaurant sector.

Our other lines in food



Our support and strength in Restaurant Consultancy .



Working with nearly twenty Stadiums and Clubs in Food 



Underpinning great Hotels in good food and service 


We work as confidant and advisors for a wide variety of clients

For a no obligation chat please email us on john@johnbensonsmith.com  or telephone  +447798662929